About Jen

Welcome to my blog! I want to share a little bit about myself. My name is Jen. All of my friends and family know how much I love cooking. My husband has been bugging me for years to put my passion to good use and start a blog chronicling our cooking adventures, and we’ve definitely had some adventures in the kitchen.

Now, with the help of my husband, James, who is also my assistant chef, taster, partner in crime and very talented web designer, I am finally doing it! Over the past few years cooking has become a huge passion of mine and something I always look forward to doing and sharing with others.

As enthusiastic crossfitters we strive to eat clean on weeknights and save the fun stuff for the weekends. While most of our weeknight meals consist of some type of protein and a pile of vegetables, I spend the week daydreaming of what I’ll make on the weekend and pinning more recipes than I can possibly make in a lifetime.

When I’m not cooking I’m at Crossfit with my friends, wrangling our three cats at home or just relaxing with a glass of wine and a good movie.

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