Category: Appetizers

  • Tzatziki


    Do you know how easy it is to make your own tzatziki? You don’t have to hit up your favourite Greek spot to enjoy this delicious dip. Tzatziki is one of those things that I always used to buy and never made. But once I started making it myself I knew I wouldn’t be going…

  • Spanakopitas


    A few summers ago James and I traveled to Greece. It was an amazing trip, probably my favourite of any that we’ve done. The people were friendly, the scenery was beautiful and most importantly the food was amazing. Ever since that trip I’ve loved Mediterranean food; it’s always so fresh, vibrant and delicious. I particularly…

  • Smoked Salmon Dip

    Smoked Salmon Dip

    Last weekend we went to an Oscar viewing party. We played a fun little game where we all put in $10 and guessed the winners for each category. Needless to say I ended up losing my $10 as Gravity kept winning more and more categories that I didn’t pick them for, but it was still…